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Upcoming posts and more

Just a quick post to apologise for the lack of posts over the last couple of weeks.

My wonderful big sister took me and my daughter to see Pink in concert in London, and we hit the fantastic vintage shops (I’m mad for vintage).  It was a fantastic weekend but has left me behind on decorating, which is hard enough with chronic pain alongside general life!

I have a couple of posts to polish off before posting, one on sleep issues surrounding pain and one is going to be a review of some pampering goodies I am testing for Gelicity.  Not medical products per se but those of us in chronic pain deserve a bit of spoiling every now and then and the Gelicity products were intriguing to me after a friend mentioned them as particularly soothing for aches.  As the name suggests, there’s a jelly/gel connection there that should make for an interesting review!  So far looking very good just down on customer services, I’ve had the royal treatment and feel totally lucky!

Catch you all soon xx