A really important issue for many people with chronic pain – two steps forward and a million back? Shaz writes so brilliantly and openly about her life with CRPS. I would highly recommend you follow her!

CRPS Shazz

HydroIs it just me or do others having difficulties balancing all that you are supposed to do (or not do) with regards to having illness?

I try so hard to be a good patient, take the advice I am given, doing my hours of physio, happy time, exercise but all of the aspects of your life that you are trying to tweak, there is always something that goes by the wayside.

2 days after my birthday at the beginning of June I had a really severe flare again, as bad as Christmas time. Unable to barely move a muscle for the pain. Getting to the toilet was hard enough, changing my clothes and showering just didn’t happen for many of those days. My son of course offered to help me with my clothes but in actual fact I wouldn’t let him closer than 2 metres because the breeze his body…

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